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new organisation anti p2p :
September 19, 2012 01:45PM
hi there
we noticed that a new organisation anti p2p is actualy running on many torrents and by their own site,there's a page you can go and by your direct ip you are immediately discovering what you have downloaded and/or seeded since few times already.
They are called :

So could you please add them in your anti p2p blacklist then ?
It would be gretat because they often come too much on many torrents.
Btw,they use different ip that i already added in a secure place anyway.

Here are few of them :
and much more again...

They come every day with a new different ip indeed .
But also we can see them ...
We regulary scan also any ip going on our own torrents winking smiley
So they are not alone in such case...
Is there a way or luck to see them a day in your personal anti p2p database,asap so ?
Hopefully anyway of course.
Thx by advance
have a nice day and keep the good job as well.
best regards
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