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Disabled for X minutes
November 23, 2012 06:50PM
Here is a easy and cool feature request: "DISABLED FOR 10 MINUTES" (or some such number)

REASON: I like to leave PeerBlock enabled all the time - but the checkout screen of some web stores are blocked. Or some other reason to turn it off temporarily. Don't really want to go through the trouble of editing the list - so I just disable PB - finish my checkout - then re-enable it. Works fine except when I forget to re-enable it. So why not just have a menu option to "disable for x minutes". Disables PB - then after so many minutes it re-enables it. That way - users can temporarily disable it and just fire and forget. No need to remember to go back and turn it back on.

Simple implementation would be a static solution: to disable for 10 minutes (enough time to do most things on a web site). Just disable PB, kick off a timer in the app that enables it when the timer fires.

But if you wanted to be more comprehensive - a program setting to allow the user to specify the default time out for disabling. Note: please don't prompt me each time I disable. The idea is for this to be a fast solution so I should just be able to right click the icon on the system tray and choose "disable for x minutes" menu option. So if you want a user specified timeout period - make it a system setting.
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