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add Reset button to settings

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
add Reset button to settings
January 11, 2010 06:46AM
Suggest, when user hits on Settings tab, that (at top right) it have the text, saying "Page 1", or "Page 2", or "Page 3", or etc.
Another way to help users to know the correct page number they are on, might be to say "Page 1 of 3", or "Page 2 of 3", or "Page 3 of 3", or etc. Suggest the Page number (under Settings tab), always be in a bold font, for easier reading.

Suggest, a "Page 3" (under Settings tab), might include a button called "Reset Settings to Default" -or- "Reset all Settings" -or- etc. In this way, the user can get back to all the original (default) settings easily (under the Settings tab).

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Re: add Reset button to settings
February 07, 2010 07:55AM
Hi again sos5, nice to see more regular members! smiling smiley

I can't see the issue on our tracker to split settings up, but be rest assured there are some changes to the user interface planned for the not to distant future, with a few mockups already made. In regard to a "Reset all settings" button, i like that idea!

to completely reset peerblock (including which lists to use), you can simply delete the peerblock.conf file in the PeerBlock folder, however an option to do so from the UI would be nice.

Head over to our issues tracker at google (here's the link: [code.google.com] ), and add the issue! smiling smiley

once an issue is added, it will get reviewed by the Devs. the more 'stars' an issue has, the more priority the devs put on it. there are exceptions to this of course, but generally this is how we keep track of things.


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