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download lists sequencially for ease of update
January 27, 2010 05:58AM
Hi guys
Just a feature request about possibly reducing the stress to servers,since you seem to be having traffic problems.
By doing list updates sequencially( one after another,like a download manager) would it not reduce the stress on your servers by only getting one file at a time,instead of multiple files?
Maybe also having download bars with kb/ps in the window to let users know that it's actually doing its job,and not just looking like it's frozen in the middle of a packet request?
After all, when I'm downloading something, I like to keep an eye on the speed of things( let's just say it's the geek in me winking smiley ) so that I know how long it's expected to take.
Maybe it could be in PB V2?
Apart from that, please keep doing the stellar work you're doing, by protecting us against those net nasties out there! grinning smiley
Cheers from NZ
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