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Utorrent Ipfilter integrated updater

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Utorrent Ipfilter integrated updater
February 13, 2010 07:36PM
the idea is that when peerblock performs an update is simultaneously creates and updates an ipfilter for utorrent . now that would be exquisite
Re: Utorrent Ipfilter integrated updater
February 13, 2010 10:05PM
The problem with this is that utorrent uses the same ip data that peerblock uses in its default lists... So If PeerBlock is running default lists then there is no need to even have utorrent ip list..
Anonymous User
Re: Utorrent Ipfilter integrated updater
December 24, 2010 04:35AM
I was wondering about this as a new user but although I have the 4 PB default lists activated (P2P, Spyware, Advertising, Education) I lately added to uTorrent 2.2 IpFilter.dat (paranoid version) from [blocklistpro.com] and uTorrent's log says it has blocked

[2010-12-24 02:07:24] Loaded ipfilter.dat (292261 entries)
[2010-12-24 03:26:10] IpFilter blocked peer
[2010-12-24 04:40:12] IpFilter blocked peer
[2010-12-24 04:21:17] IpFilter blocked peer
[2010-12-24 07:56:01] IpFilter blocked peer
[2010-12-24 02:42:52] IpFilter blocked peer
[2010-12-24 09:36:51] IpFilter blocked peer

-- at first sight I deduce that these IPs are NOT blocked by PeerBlock because the main PeerBlock window is showing all manner of IPs being blocked every moment, so if the uTorrent blocklist were actually just duplicating the (default) PeerBLock block lists' barring behaviour, the uTorrent F5 | Logger window would be full of IPs... but it isn't, just the ones named above (although many repeat instances of them).

Also, although slightly off-topic, as a new user I find the whole IP blocking subject confusing in at least one regard: seeing numerous multiple-repeat IPs being blocked by PeerBlock (as per my selected behaviour for it), I decided to add these IPs to my modem/router's hardware firewall blocklist (Thomson TG585v7: "Parental Control"). This I did and activated, but I still see from its main window report that PeerBlock is blocking these IPs. The modem/router manual says the inbuilt firewall's default behaviour is basically: allow all outgoing traffic; prohibit all incoming traffic (unless, presumably, requested). I have created a static IP on the PC and forwarded a port for uTorrent so I assume this means uTorrent is "requesting" traffic on that port which is open to the world. But even so, I would have expected the hardware firewall block rule I applied would forbid inward traffic from the IPs I set as blocked in the hardware firewall so connections from those IPs would be rejected BEFORE PeerBlock even kicks in. But no, PeerBlock shows them as being blocked by it still...
Anonymous User
Re: Utorrent Ipfilter integrated updater
March 05, 2011 09:02PM
Hi DarC

I agree with you that if Peerblock does block an IP address then uTorrent does not HAVE also block that IP address.

But I do see benefit in uTorrent "knowing" what is blocked by PeerBlock (by a shared list) and not even trying to send using that IP Address. This makes uTorrent more efficient.

What I would like to know is does uTorrent fast-fail or not. That is, does it try to establish an IP connection and fail immediately when PeerBlock blocks it or does it time-out. If so, the time-out makes uTorrent less efficient made worse the longer the time-out.
Re: Utorrent Ipfilter integrated updater
March 06, 2011 02:59PM
Well I will put it this way. the paranoid list does contain more ip information then the regular ip lists used by peerblock. which is generally compared to this. [blocklistpro.com]

As far as utorrent and most if not all torrent apps are concerned they use trackers which give the ip's of potential peers to the client.
So once a list of potential peers come in from the tracker(or DHT) then the client will try to contact them. If there is an ip that is blocked by an ip list loaded into utorrent then utorrent will not attempt to connect to it. Although because you have become part of the swarm on the particular torrent the tracker lists you as a potential contributer. So if a blocked ip is part of that swarm and the tracker gives them a list of the potential ips (yours included) you will get a blocked log event every time the blocked ip tries to connect to you. Other log events occur do to malicious behavior like an ip sending invalid information to your client such as viral or garble code that is meant to disrupt and even in the case of it being viral destroy the connection.

Please note that all ip list information comes from the same spot. they are list compiled by biss. Meaning if you have all the lists used in the paranoid filter data configured in peerblock then you will no longer see any blocks coming from utorrent so long as peerblock is running.

And like I stated peerblock covers your entire PC not just the one torrent app.

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Re: Utorrent Ipfilter integrated updater
April 09, 2011 01:25AM
Is your computer producing them or is the net producing them. which is destination and which is source.
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