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Individual list HTTP blocks

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Individual list HTTP blocks
April 01, 2010 03:58PM
While I like having HTTP block on, inconjunction with say, the advertising list. But to be honest I find the Level 1 list a little restrictive in terms of browsing, to say the least. I don't want to have to add an IP address to an allow list everytime I come across a page I can't access, or even open up PeerBlock for that matter.
So I was wondering, is it possible to have HTTP blocks depending on lists? So for example in my case, I would leave HTTP block for all lists except for P2P, which would leave me protected on torrents but still allow free web browsing.
Re: Individual list HTTP blocks
April 05, 2010 11:19AM
A very good suggestion, and one tracked on our Issue Tracker as Issue #172.  As always, if you're interested in this feature, you should "Star" that issue, as we use the number of Stars an issue has as an indication of our users' interest in something when we're prioritizing what to work on next. 

This one might be a little tricky to implement in an optimal manner, since we wouldn't want to slow down our IP filtering algorithm too much to support this feature.  However, definitely worth considering!


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