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Process-Oriented Block
May 28, 2010 10:32PM
I have seen this feature in many similiar software. However, because PeerBlock has a completely unique feature, I would like to see this single feature added as I am quickly turning into a fan.

Here's what I want, specifically:
- I want to block every IP and manually choose which 'process' I want to exclude.

Although, PeerBlock is able to prevent any unauthorized connection into the computer, it lacks the ability to handle processes. I end up having to unblock every IP that is generated by an 'online video game.' It is an irritating job.
Re: Process-Oriented Block
May 28, 2010 11:07PM
Yep, we'd definitely like to implement this as well at some point - this is being tracked as Issue #222.  One problem is that it will be very difficult to support this feature on XP/2000, as the type of driver we use on those OS versions does not support process identification.  What we're planning on doing is to start supporting this feature only on Vista/7, where the driver makes identification of processes almost too easy, and then look into porting that feature over to XP when/if we decide to rewrite our driver there.  (Which may or may not ever happen at this point, to be honest...)

Essentially, this would turn us into a lightweight firewall.  Not full HIPS 'n' stuff, but heck - I intentionally disable those features anyways.  Instead of just Block/Allow though, we'd have three states: Block/Allow/Filter

Thanks for the feedback,

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Lead developer of PeerBlock
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