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Lower Peerblock priority

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Lower Peerblock priority
October 25, 2010 03:52PM
On older single core systems (P4 or even P3), peerblock takes up all the cpu cycles right when windows gets to the desktop and will stall windows from loading up for several minutes longer.

if I manually force PB to be the lowest priority usign taskmanager windows loads up substantially faster.

Is there a way in PB to give PB the lowest priority possible when starting up windows?
Re: Lower Peerblock priority
October 26, 2010 10:54AM
Try using Process Lasso. It allows you to prioritize your installed software including PeerBlock.
Anonymous User
October 27, 2010 05:02AM
PeerBlock normally doesn't do that. If you have duplicate lists from different sources and
PB is set up to update all of them on reboot, knock some of the lists off your List Manager.
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