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Compressing the log files

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Compressing the log files
November 10, 2010 02:23AM

at first: sry for my bad English...

Is it possible to build in a feature to compress the log files?

I've logged all my IP-Connection from yesterday and my log file is about 120mb.
I wrote a batch file using 7zip to compress these files from 120mb to 1.4 mb but thats kind of intricately(? don't know if it's the right word)...

as far as i know it's possible to use 7z in other programs (http://www.7-zip.org/faq.html#developer_faq)

if you wan't to test by yourself -> here is my 7z command line parameter i'm using

7z a -p-%filename% m0=PPMd -mx9 -mmem=1024m -mo=32 -t7z -ms=off "%filename%".7z "%filename%".log

-p-%filename% -> Passwort set to the filename

0=PPMd use PPMd compression
-mx9 use ultra compression
-mmem=1024m use 1024mb ram
mo=32 (don't know how to explain ^^)
-t7z use 7z fileformat
-ms=off don't use solid archive
%filename%".7z filename of 7z
"%filename%".log file to compress


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