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Remove always 'Allow HTTP' option on right click ?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Remove always 'Allow HTTP' option on right click ?
November 30, 2010 07:43PM
Hi Team

I've been using Peerblock for a year or so now and follow the beta updates as often as they release, though i've just moved up to the 1.1 version this evening.

Now, I know there are options to be able to edit the times 'Allow HTTP for 15min' and '60min' on the right-click of the sys-tray icon, however is it possible to remove the option for always 'Allow HTTP' ??? As my wife keeps clicking on it "because it gets in her way" and despite me telling her to just use the timed options ..... well you get the picture.

So is it possible to edit the peerblock.conf file to remove the always option ??

Re: Remove always 'Allow HTTP' option on right click ?
December 19, 2010 09:50AM
At least she does not do "Exit". That's what my cousin kept doing.

But yeah something to stop this sort of thing would be ideal, perhaps a password to change any settings?

With the ability to say what can be allowed even with password on.
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