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Can "Unknown" Protocol Be Defined?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Can "Unknown" Protocol Be Defined?
December 05, 2010 12:23PM
What a great product! Thanks, to all of you on PG1 & 2 and PeerBlock team. Awesome~ I would like to ask, as it has baffled me many times, that (various?) so-called "Unknown" Protocol are blocked in TCP/IP. Is it possible for the PeerBlock engine be worked up a bit to define, possibly, this/some of these/this protocol? Thanks! Wondering also, about the length of time it takes to "Generate List Cache" after an update, or an "allow"... Is there ANY way at all, to decrease the amount of time/lag that the list caching causes? I have crashed the PB .dll trying to "speed things up" myself, I am incurably impatient. It's a little annoyance, that actually, I dread, is the LIST CACHE. I should have posted another topic with the list cache issue.

Looking forward to hearing from some fellow 'awake' people/PeerBlock users...

peace ~
Re: Can "Unknown" Protocol Be Defined?
December 06, 2010 01:45AM
I'm a little confuse now... There isnt supposed to be a PB.dll? The Program should only consist of a peerblock.exe and pbfilter.sys Maybe a readme and and uninstaller but thats it...


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Anonymous User
colored icon on tool bar??
February 04, 2011 11:20AM
What is the sig of colored icon on tool bar??
Re: Can "Unknown" Protocol Be Defined?
February 04, 2011 10:48PM
Blue Yellow and Red.. If thats what your after.

Or are you asking if there is a *sign* It should be a cube.
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