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A List IP Duplicate Checker/Disabler

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
A List IP Duplicate Checker/Disabler
December 10, 2010 11:59PM
I think it would be useful to implement a feature where users could pick several of the lists they have inputted in PeerBlock and check for IPs that appear at least twice in one or more lists. Even better would be the ability to set up some sort of temporary 'allow' for the duplicates in all lists but one.

The reason i think this would be beneficial is that to the somewhat uninformed users(myself and many others ive seen) intelligently choosing lists is more or less of a guess. I personally have 12 lists enabled usually for p2p or whenever im not using my browser. I have no idea if thats too much or average etc, and as its mentioned on the peerblock site too many blocked IPs "can seriously degrade your internet experience". All of the lists i do use are 5 star rated(according to popularity) on [www.iblocklist.com] and reading the comments section is often more useful than the short descriptions.

For instance, one of the extremely knowledgeable members of iblocklist.com recommended using the Bluetack Level 1(Anti P2P default) list and the TBG Primary Threats list despite the latter being forked from the former because they probably both block some different threats. Im also guessing these lists would have significant overlap.

Would this help or am i misunderstanding how PeerBlock works?

Anonymous User
Re: A List IP Duplicate Checker/Disabler
December 14, 2010 10:31PM
Before peerguardian and peerblock, i used to use protowall.
its from bluetack.co.uk
we had to build our lists with a program called blocklist manager.
they have a current version at a B.I.S.S website.
i recently installed it and tried to make a good list with it but it seemed to only work with their file extensions
and url's for blocklists. (or i didn't know how to use it well enuf!!)
it checked for duplicates and conflicts and gave a very clean list.
it was suposed to be able to do other formats as well but i found it hard to use.
you may want to go read up on that
we need a good .p2p file and list manager for peerblock that check for dups and conflicts
(anyone let me know if there is a good one out there plz.)
and peerblock needs a way to export configurations and lists so i dont have to manually re set up pb every time i work on a different computer.
Anonymous User
Re: A List IP Duplicate Checker/Disabler
March 15, 2011 02:22AM
+1 on this idea.

I think a better approach would be to separate this feature into a program of it's own within the same installer. You don't want to be checking for dupes while blocking IP's at the same time. It would cause Peerblock to become highly unstable and Peerblock needs to be as basic as possible while running.
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