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PeerBlock on routers with open firmware (perfect solution!)

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
PeerBlock on routers with open firmware (perfect solution!)
March 05, 2011 01:08PM
Dear PeerBlock team,

Your program is fantastic but... I use Transmission on my open router with open firmware (Tomato). PeerBlock can't filter this traffic. Is possible to create PeerBlock to open source routers?

This solution is ideal because it filters absolutely every traffic and do not load computer in any way.

It is just perfect solution.

Peerblock is a windows app. Peerguardian has already been ported to different Linux distro's, in the form of Mo-Block and various other spin-offs. I'm sure if it hasn't been done already, that it wouldn't be that difficult to implement. All the linux version's do is utilize IPTABLES or IPCHAINS, and load the blocklists into rulesets for them. Tomato running a kernel version of 2.4(old) would have iptables, and kernel version 2.6 would have ipchains.
The biggest problem with running any of these types of programs on a router is the very limited amount of ram within a router, not to mention the sheer lack of storage space. Do you have any idea how much space the program file and all the useful lists would take up? Although apparently the new pgl is supposedly designed for low memory systems....

The last obstacle would be to create another web-page within the firmware to manage moblock. Of course you could manage moblock via ssh/telnet whatever Tomato supports, but you'd have to be familiar with the console. I have experience using Mo-block within an Ubuntu server environment and can attest that it works rather well. Seeing as how really all peerblock has done is fix errors and raise the money that phoenixlabs lacked in order to buy a Windows developer license (Which I am very grateful for and in no way am I discounting it, Thanks guys and girls!) , I'd say you are barking up the wrong tree on this forum.

You might want to try here [forums.phoenixlabs.org] in the peerguardian linux forum @ phoenixlabs.

I'd say if you really want to accomplish this, your best bet is to get an old computer with at least two ethernet cards and run pretty much any linux distro (I'd recommend DSL Damn Small Linux because it's great for older computers), then you'll have plenty of ram/storage space, and you can run the machine as your gateway and install mo-block as your first line of defense. Then hook up your tomato router as a client to the computer (Set up Tomato so that it knows the other pc is a gateway, and forwards DNS along the proper paths), your ethernet cable from your cable/dsl modem would plug into the other ethernet port, and you're set.

The only down-side would be having a higher electric bill, but the customization is much better and if you're a super-nerd the benefit far outweighs the cost.
Try NFBlock. It's for Linux and so is Tomato and OpenWRT.


Site quote: "Low memory build option for embedded devices"
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