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Have a column for the application from where the connection orginiated

Posted by Anonymous User 
I would like to know what is the application which is the source of the connections that are blocked in PeerBlock. Ideally, I would like application name published in a column in the output log.

In my day-to-day use of my computer, I see in the output log blocks to websites when I do not appear to be running any program. These blocked connections must originate from installed (as part of other applications) services autorun applications that connect out from my computer to most likely to track my usage. I want to know which applications/services are doing this.

With knowing the offending application/service, I can either uninstall it or at write to the author of the software asking not to make such connections (at least behind my back without my knowledge).

I know that when using a P2P program, almost all blocks will be due to that application trying to make a connection. So the cost of knowing which program must come with no cost.
Re: Have a column for the application from where the connection orginiated
March 06, 2011 03:05PM
Well this is on the road map the trouble is that it will require a complete rewrite of the entire app almost. But rest assured we are working on it.. There is one other thing that will need to do before we get there and that is back to back cross platform compatibility. Right now we need Linux and Mac developers to get us to this point.
This is completely off-topic, but I would wholly love to see Peerblock stay within it's intended scope. Peerguardian, and many other ip blocking softwares over the years seem to have fallen off or let their original intentions become fuddled when scope creep veered it's ugly head and they tried to be the one stop solution for users across all o/s's. Linux has moblock, and pgl. OsX I know still has peerguardian, and I know that porting any linux version to mac shouldn't be too difficult. I'd personally prefer to see Peerblock work out the rest of the Windows bugs, and possibly implement a new feature or two to the already existing code instead of trying to completely rewrite something that has no reason to be rewritten.
Re: Have a column for the application from where the connection orginiated
March 14, 2011 10:12PM
The trouble is a rewrite is needed to get it to work as a service inside of windows so non admins can have it running with out the need for admin rights.

This is aimed at version 2.0 but we'd also like a larger dev team to get us there. Linux and Mac versions should be more compliant and easier to build once we get our code base to the 2.0 release cycle.
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