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New guy here, seeking some advice too.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
New guy here, seeking some advice too.
August 15, 2011 10:05PM
First of all, hi everyone, I've just joined up to the forum after downloading the Peerblock software onto my XP machine.

Now, I am no way computer-smart, I know a few basics and such, and I sort of understand how this software works. It's not essentially a firewall, but more of an IP blocker. I believe there is a difference between the two. What I'd like to know is, I downloaded it for basic protection, so does it protect my computer from spyware/trojans, hackers etc? I've read the instructions regarding the lists (block/allow) I've added a few of my usual sites to the list. The sites that I haven't added, I can still view them no problem, so is there some sort of firewall active? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just getting into this.
Thanks in advance.
Re: New guy here, seeking some advice too.
August 16, 2011 06:35PM
Hey, Cavalier.

The answer to whether PeerBlock blocks hackers, spyware, trojans or things like that depends completely on you. If you put in an IP belonging to a hacker or a zombie computer or something, then yes, it will. PeerBlock blocks absolutely nothing until you tell it to block a specific address (or use a list/lists including IPs.)

If PeerBlock's not blocking the sites you haven't added, it sounds to me like PeerBlock's doing what it's supposed to. It doesn't block by default but allows by default. As I said above, PeerBlock blocks nothing until you tell it to do so with a specific address. As to whether PeerBlock's "active" or not, there's the ping test in the FAQ:


Hopefully that helped. Welcome to the forum.
Anonymous User
Re: New guy here, seeking some advice too.
August 16, 2011 08:58PM
Cool, I understand that, thanks dude. I've already looked at the iblocklist.com site and that works together with peerblock as far as I'm aware. That's good. So from what I gather, I should just upload as many IP lists as possible into the list manager, and constantly check for updates. I understand how it works now, so thanks again.

Edit: I've just ran the ping test, came back as Request Timed Out. I've read the FAQ's, that means PeerBlock isn't working. what can I do now?

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