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Is there a free piece of software, that will hide my IP or My MAC Address

Posted by Anonymous User 
i know there is all kinds of software that you have to pay for, and i'd gladly buy it but im really strapped for cash!

is there a piece of freeware that i can use to hid my IP or MAC id so i can safely download torrent files? without the snooping eyes of the RIAA / MPAA. i say this because before i started using peerblock i downloaded a movie Star Trek XI and 5 days later i got a letter from my cable company saying i infringed on copyrighted material, and they may take away my service if there are further complaints or if paramont pictures decides to press the complaint.

BTW how good is peerblock??? mine is currently blocking 1 trillion ip's has anyone still got caught downloading movies with peerblock running?
With PeerBlock, you can deny the access to your computer for all IPs you want. But you only can do everything with your computer:
PeerBlock, hardware- softwarefirewalls, AVs, backdoor guards and so on and on.

But if you are entering the internet, all servers, you travel through, are under control of somebody (the big ones can take control of the traffic on strange servers also). They can see your IP, your connections, if you don't use f.e. VPN (or Tor for other reasons). They can save your fingerprint and see everything what you are doing, if you don't use encryption.
Re: Is there a free piece of software, that will hide my IP or My MAC Address
August 25, 2011 05:17PM
Use a proxy like the ones listed in my signature..
Check, if your hardware supports ssl VPN. Some consumer routers do not.

F.e. Cisco ASA 5505 (or Zyxel or Sonicwall products).
If you are browsing without VPN, be aware of 'Drive by Download'. Third party can control server inside your HTTP connection, unzip, add a e.g. trojan and zip again your download on the fly.
It doesn't matter where your file comes from, also from 100% trustable websites.
So, always use several AV scan engines from different countries and don't set firewalls to autopilot.
darkhat101 Wrote:
> don't set firewalls to autopilot.

Yes, but also enter your WAN IP in internet explorer. If your WAN IP address brings up the login screen for the router, disable WAN side access/login your router's web admin interface. I do not want folks being able to access the router programming from the WAN Side.
Re: Is there a free piece of software, that will hide my IP or My MAC Address
February 06, 2013 11:45AM
Is the anonymity guaranteed?

Shifting trust from ISP to VPN doesn't change anything, even though they say they don't keep logs, I wouldn't bet my money on it.

JonDo Jap
Providers of telecommunications services are required by law (in Germany) to retain already-obtained data for the purposes of crime prevention. The current version of the mix software contains a crime prevention function that allows this method.
Surveillance of future connections requires that every mix in a cascade record the incoming-outgoing relationship of a certain message online and in realtime. The connection to be exposed would be marked. The message could then be de-anonymized with the cooperation of all mixes. This functions similarly to trapping a phone line in the standard telephone network.

There is absolutely no backdoor in Tor. Nobody has asked us to put one in, and we know some smart lawyers who say that it's unlikely that anybody will try to make us add one in our jurisdiction (U.S.). If they do ask us, we will fight them, and (the lawyers say) probably win.
How does Tor fit to that?
Access To Records And Other Items Under The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
The best VPN experience I had in a very long time [www.waselpro.com] . I managed to hide my IP adress and unblock websites directly with just one click application. It is not easy to find a real good VPN provider for all operating systems.
Re: Is there a free piece of software, that will hide my IP or My MAC Address
January 09, 2014 04:56PM
Just to say too that phantompeer is a really good vpn and its cheap too, very good

Peerblock for the win
Re: Is there a free piece of software, that will hide my IP or My MAC Address
July 15, 2014 03:04AM
US Magistrate Judge James Francis in New York said internet service providers, such as Microsoft, will have to hand over information and emails stored in datacentres outside the US if they are issued with a valid search warrant from US law enforcement agencies.


Re: Is there a free piece of software, that will hide my IP or My MAC Address
July 15, 2014 04:45PM
Still using phantompeer, it is amazing. <3

Peerblock for the win
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