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Torrenting Media I Own, A Question

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Torrenting Media I Own, A Question
November 17, 2011 12:43AM
I am just wondering out-loud about this and I thought someone might have some insight, not looking for a legal opinion per se.

I have only started using torrents, for the most part I feel that if I like a show or music, etc. I want to pay for it so they produce more of it. However, I am currently in the process of putting all my media into a digital format and onto a home server for access. To do this I have found it easier to download TV episodes rather than rip them, separate them and get the meta data for them. Plus I have my DVD drive going all the time ripping my DVD collection, so downloading while I am ripping seems to be more efficient.

So if I was to be "caught" downloading would I still be liable if I own the original media? Is a digital copy and a hard copy seen as two different entities? I have just been wondering that, wanted to see if you all knew anything about that.
Re: Torrenting Media I Own, A Question
November 17, 2011 06:01AM
Hi, welcome to the forums.

Even if you own a legal copy, downloading a pirated copy is still illegal. (as far as i know)
Re: Torrenting Media I Own, A Question
December 28, 2011 02:26AM
The fact remains that downloading any content from the net using torrents is in a grey area. If you prove your ownership of said content the question comes into play How would you/Did you Rip the content.. Because DvD/BluRay rippers are illegal in the USA. Because they circumvent copy protection which is against federal law. SO you could end up hung in a shooting galley.

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Anonymous User
January 12, 2012 10:37AM
Format shifting is exempted under the DMCA so if you have originals it doesn't matter how you got
your copies as long as you weren't distributing them. Using torrents can cause uploading while you
are downloading but you can throttle down uploads on individual torrents to just one connection at
only one kilobyte per second. When you do that the odds of being sued shrink a lot and even in that
unlikely event a judge would be inclined to agree that you did whatever you could to respect the law.

A complaint may be made but it would be difficult and expensive to hold you liable so nobody would
try anything more than a bluff to fool you into paying them a few hundred bucks to go away. Those
bluffs are starting to go away too because more judges are stopping them from playing that game.

Possessing a DVD or BluRay ripper is not illegal in itself but making and selling them is too risky,
which is why most ripping is done with free software on ordinary personal computers or in other
countries with no such law.

The bottom line is that the grey area around downloading copies of what you already have is not
particularly risky for you if you make a good-faith effort to avoid leaking copies to other people.

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