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Japan Peers are going to die - Will Be Ban Downloading Files via P2P

Posted by Anonymous User 
Hi Everyone who're using Peer Block,

Today,Japan announce that they're going to ban downloading files.

(info[Japanese]: www.jiji.com/jc/c?g=pol_30&k=2011120701034)

My Short Translation;
Today, government parties got into shape the bill
which imposes "two or less years of imprisonment", or a "2 million or less yen fine"
to illegal download of the music or an image file. (...and Games,Movies of course.)

The Democratic Party will open an ordinary Diet next year
to start this new law.

Nowadays, Illegal download of a music file etc. succeeded one another,
and it has inflicted great damage on related business circles.
Although illegal upload was conventionally made applicable to punishment by the Copyright Act,
criminal punishment was not imposed on download.

So i want to ask who're enjoying P2P,
what you're using for safe downloading? (VPN review is welcomewinking smiley )

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