Importing Additional Block lists
January 21, 2012 11:35AM
I was wondering if other than iblocklist there were additional lists we could download?

I know after the FBI seizure/shutdown we will need more lists and filters to avoid FBI INTERPOL detection. This is not just for illegitimate reasons but for legitimate as well. I try to protect my com because of many Ideas and blueprints, outlines, books and other material I don't want anyone to get to without my permission.

When I first went to before it was known they were blocked by the FBI as soon as I hit the site the peer block went crazy and I am sure there were some things the FBI was able to get through. Peer block worked great to keep them out of my com with what was currently on their lists but there was some activity that was not stopped too.

Any ideas to help secure the future of a secure internet and computing is at stake and more programs like this are needed just to keep things private. the Govt will be passing more and more syndicated laws to limit our activity.

keep up the good work Peer Block
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Re: Importing Additional Block lists
January 27, 2012 04:16AM
You could try ipfilterx for $10 / year. It's the same as iblocklist except it's not as bloated with useless ip ranges I understand. I have noticed some websites where ipfilterx would block an http range that wasn't covered with iblocklist. Kickass Torrents is one of them. I have observed that Kickass Torrents will also serve you a DoubleClick cookie when you type a search query into the search box. If you look around on the search engines, you will see good reviews about ipfilterx. I personally think it is better than iBlocklist. You get what you pay for. But iblock list is good too and you can certainly go into paranoid mode with their lists if you so choose to do.
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