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A Note of Appreciation for PB

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
A Note of Appreciation for PB
August 24, 2012 03:16PM
A while back, I found myself in a position where my computer, and the computers of others, were under attack from a number of sources under the auspices of one concern. It was distressing and maddening, as there was an implied relationship of trust with this concern, but rogue elements withing this concern were using its technologies for less-than-savory pursuits.

Long story short, some people needed a good, swift kick in the virtual goolies.

I needed a tool that could block their activities NOW, and one that would generate logs that would give me data that could be passed onto...ahem..."certain interested parties".

Peerblock not only fit that bill, but performed beyond the expectations of myself and those certain interested parties. It must be noted said parties were pretty damned inpressed with the data that one can generate, regarding rogue activities, using Peerblock, a good graphical Traceroute program that saves trace maps in pretty pictures, and a good packet sniffer. Nothing fancy, but together, goddamned effective.

The result of this is that some really bad people were taken down hard and are paying a pretty heavy price. I doubt that they will be getting near any technologies more powerful than an electric can opener anytime soon.F*** 'em very much and all that. They tried flying too close to the sun.

Personally, I consider PB as important a day-to-day security program as an anti-virus program. When I build a computer for a friend or associate, I always recommend that they let me put PB on it. I consider PB to be a must-have feature in these times. It doth cover one's gluteal protruberance right nice.

So thank you, PB. By simply being there, you really struck a blow for the little guys. Really. Your software done some real good, for some good people who were being abused.

I wish I could flesh out the details but, welllllll...you know how this stuff rolls. ;-)
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