Government, Anti-P2P, Military, Police, FBI, CIA and more
March 29, 2013 06:55AM
Hello - OmegleWarden here again with an exciting new list.

We have obtained the only copy of "Squidblacklist" for the United States Government Ips.

This file is roughly 250,000,000 IPs. (They all come back as some form of "Department of defense" or "United States Government" Or some for of the two.

We host a 1 billion IP (roughly) of Anti-P2P IPs

We also host a "Badips" file.. This contains Military IPs, CIA, Intelligence and more.
100,000,000 IPs?

Update your peerblock guys - because we keep updating our lists and availablity.


The lists are located at the bottom left side of the page
With instructions, Direct link location and more.

Enjoy, and happy blocking.


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