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Freddy reportin fer duty

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Freddy reportin fer duty
April 12, 2013 09:58PM
Hello everyone at the peerblock forums over here somewhere past mayberry.

Like many others, even in 2013 I am still a little new to peerblock. More than anything my personality consists of someone that likes to tinker with things. So, I gave peerblock a shot and so far I am having fun I must say. My reasoning for using it other than tinkering is that increasingly everyday there are more and more hackers,bots run by hackers and just plain old hacketey splackety spam or just people that shouldn't be connecting and really have no business with me. I think that Tony Montana said it best when he was talking to his buddy Romeo at the local cabana. Can't say it here but that is what are dealing with. In conclusion, of this post I would like to say that I like peerblock and what you and the community has done with it.

Take care from Freddy. So hold your glasses high(cheers).
Anonymous User
Re: Freddy reportin fer duty
April 13, 2013 04:27PM
On to other things that are more important. I've read a few posts in this forum and was not really sure where to reply. Anyways the main objective of this post is to very slighty enhance what has already been said by the pros.

This is basically to those that think that any program will actually protect you from getting caught and I see that someone has already touched up on this, however I would like to add a little bit to it if that is alright with you guys. I used to download movies and games to. I did it for reasons that are hard to explain and as I matured I realized how wrong it was and a ton of guilt swept over me for downloading things. So basically even though I wasn't caught or anything and I didn't have much, but just a little is all it takes. My soul was still heavy and I had to get rid of everything to feel good again.

I could sleep but my mind would always be racing. The thing is that we are always told by the ones that can't stop, that it's okay and everyone else is doing it etc.... If you have that mindset please face yourself someday and ask yourself does this make me feel good as a person? Can I hold my head high where ever I go or do I have to be ashamed? That is for the ones that have a concience like me eating at them everyday if you don't do the right thing. For the ones that do not have a concience and still would like to continue stealing movies, games , office applications, drawing applications, music applications and whatever floats your boat. I would like to enlighten you a little bit if you don't mind.

First off, say you go to some p2p site. You see something that you just gotta have. It looks safe and legit and everything. But, what you do not know is that these companies that you are stealing from day in and day out are as a guestimate 80% of the people you will be downloading from. Not only that, but a lot of these companies have professional hackers working for them, coding things into whatever you download. It may work okay but understand that more than likely a beacon was installed inside that would not only give away your exact location. They get that from the IP already. But also, every piece of hardware inside of your pc and connected to your pc will be tagged. Some say, well they can't connect to me if I have peerblock.

That is partially true. However, once you connect to them to steal their goods they got ya. They got everything about you. In other words, your ip was protected just fine, until you downloaded from them. Then all the fun starts. You start getting copyright infringments in your email from your isp and if that doesn't scare you enough, I would hope it would but the reallity is that there will be police at your door taking you away to jail where you will have to sit through all the court procedures and that will be it. You could literrally get 5 to 10 years in prison. The question is this. Do you really feel that you need something that much, that you are willing to risk your lively hood, your life, your family and your freedom over something that doesn't belong to you or that you didn't pay for? I am sorry if this seems negative to the people that are reading this but I just had to say it, because I know there are still many that will just continue on without a worry in the world. Were not bad people. But our actions can make us good or bad people. Clear your consience today and get rid of whatever you didn't pay for and start acting like a good citizen again. Again, think of your families before messing up because they will suffer to.
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