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Use PeerBlock properly, Surf more safely

Posted by Omeglewarden 
Use PeerBlock properly, Surf more safely
April 19, 2013 11:18AM
Hello, OmegleWarden here, again.

So i've seen a lot of people complaining about their Internet Service provider sending them letters in the mail about their download/upload activity..

Well, It's time someone really teaches you how to get around all of this.

Step 1:
Use Fire-Fox

- When you go to Torrent Sites, even for the links or just looking, Fire-fox will come in handy (Next step)

Step 2:
Install 3 add-ons for Fire-Fox
A: Ghostery
B: Adblock plus
C: DoNotTrackMe

Configure them to block the maximum trackers.

Yes, all websites track you to some extent.
Some use heavy traffic monitoring that gives your IP or data out to third parties, some only care about your activity on their site as far as hacking them goes - I think you get the point.

Ghostery alone will block out 1300 or so trackers from accessing your data before Peer-Block could even block the IP.
(Tested, and yes, I am correct)

Step 3:
Install Peer-Block
A: Use all default lists
B: Go to www.iblocklist.com and use most of the lists provided
C: Go to www.omeglewarden.com and use the "Badips, SBL, USG, Anti-P2P" Lists provided.

Step 4:
Download Ccleaner from www.piform.com

Step 5:
Download and Install Malwarebytes.org 's free 14 day trial (OPTIONAL)
It blocks bad IPs as-well.

Step 6:
Turn off your modem, unplug it from the power.
Shut down All Programs
Shut down (close) Peer-Block
A: Run Ccleaner with default settings, and with DNS cache checked.
B: Run Ccleaner for your Registry.
C: Start Peer-Block
D: Make sure you have a list that is blocking out ALL major Internet service providers.
F: Once Peer-Block is up and running *It will be blank because you have no internet*
Plug your Modem back in (Cable Modem)
D: Reset your modem (Hold the button for 5 seconds)
(Doing this helps to clear Caches)

Open CMD and type in
ipconfig /flushdns
Close CMD

Step 7:
Open Fire-Fox, and make sure Ghostery and Abine, DoNotTrackMe are running (top right, can't miss it)
Go to any website that supports advertisements, Like facebook.
Make sure Adblock-plus is configured to block all it's lists. Not just the 1 default, they are given to you, but you must add them for the downloads.

Step 8:
Use Utorrent, And run it from port: 35,000
(or any port you don't run anything else from, and can watch your peer-block data easier)

Hope this helps everyone.

6 years of pirating over 600GB of data in total, Never had 1 notice.


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Re: How to avoid Copy-Write Notices, Use PeerBlock properly
April 19, 2013 01:45PM
I must add that we here at PB do not condone or support illegal file sharing, you do it at your own risk.

PB is only an ip blocking program, it's a tool for your computer and can do whatever you configure it to do.

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