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Blocking Chaturbate Users

Posted by Omeglewarden 
Blocking Chaturbate Users
July 06, 2013 02:52AM
Hello everyone, I'm sure you all remember me from the Omegle.com IP list blocking located here, and linked to www.omeglewarden.com, well I'm very proud and happy to say that I am now collecting IPs by the thousands of users who use the website chaturbate.com


Simple, I edit bios, and place a tracker code on them - They know about this, It serves a few purposes:

1: If in the event they need help with law enforcement due to a user (Has happened once) with threats - I can supply the IP
2: DMCA take down requests are made easier with the user who stole and posted the content. (Very hard to do, but do-able)
3: Capture 18,000 IPs per day from each broadcaster I have edited. Every day this amount grows by 1-2 people.

Currently, at 7/6/13 I have 11 people tagged.

This means every single day I update the lists, even if some of them are repeat visitors, it's O.K, peer-block removes the duplicates!

I use Excell to do my work in a matter of minutes Instead of 1 by 1

Daily I am adding:

11*18,000 = 198,000 IPs at a maximum potential.
We currently have 36,312 IPs on file, 887,376,854 on the main file (all ips) With 3 other lists that are too large to attach here! (All are too large to attach sadly!)

These lists are updated weekly, and of course this is for people who do not want to connect to known users of the site else-where, such as Skype or Omegle, chatrandom, facebook video chat and more.

Remember, All files are updated, and we have an Allow IP list as-well, Everything we're currently using is linked, but please visit our website for more lists, IP checks and more Info on security, IP blocking, Lists, IP-Blacklisting (skype) and more.

We will always keep up the good work, and as always our lists are free.


Re: Blocking Chaturbate Users
October 01, 2013 06:08AM
I understand a lot of users cannot use my domain due to it's security, so the link below should keep you updated with these IPs:

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