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Is your proxy detected?

Posted by Omeglewarden 
Is your proxy detected?
September 17, 2013 07:19PM
Yes, I know that the forums of peer-block are generally for "peer-block", which we all know I am a massive list creator. I have in the time of creating lists come to learn how to detect proxys, vpns,tor and other "Anonymizers".

So, I have created a light-weight script that you can connect to (website) which will run specific tests on your IP address.

Disclaimer: Peer-Block is not responsible for this post, or site. The site provided by the poster (OmegleWarden, Me) is held accountible for any issues you may receive with your server/service. The provided website will simply run a few port-scan checks, Header checks and Remote Port checks. There is nothing malicious provided, and no logs are kept.

Use this service to detect if you are truely Anonymous online or not.

However, until I can receive the knowledge of how to grab the factual IP, the IP is still your proxied connection.

You may use this service as commercial (Meaning testing out hundreds or thousands of connections before sending them online for users) or personal. Feel free to test even your local machine and see the results provided on a real connection (None actually!).

This should help people who, and yes there are a lot of "over paranoid users of the internet" become a little less paranoid while surfing over HTTP, remember, this is HTTP - not HTTPS.

HTTPS would be a much, much more secured enviroment for your communications.
HTTP (my check) requires no data from you except what your IP gives as Ports and Headers.

It's coded in PHP and works in about 5 seconds.

This post is not intended to be spam, or advertising, this is simply to attempt to help benifit those who wish to benifit.

Real Example:

We have tested your connection based on multiple aspects of IPv4 rules.
If we detected a proxy it will be listed below and list how we detected it.
If there are no results below this line then we were un-able to detect your proxy/vpn/tor/connection

Your IP was detected as 9*.1*1.1*6.1**

Proxy detected via port 80
Proxy detected via port 443
Proxy detected via port 22
Proxy Detected via Specific Ports being opened, Remote(80).
Proxy Detected via Specific Ports being opened, Remote(22).

Via: [omwprxychk.uphero.com]

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