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List of Proxy IPs

Posted by Omeglewarden 
List of Proxy IPs
September 22, 2013 11:44AM
Hello, OmegleWarden with another post/file.

We have been harvesting data on Proxys, or IPs with ports "20,21,22,79,80,81-86,88,443,139,443,444,445,500,1378-1378,2195,3178,5,000,6,000-6,005,6667,7000-7,005,8000,8080-8089,9,000-9,005,9050,9150 and compile a list.


This link automatically updates, collects and saves to itself - It's basically a failsafe to the checks for Omeglewarden.com Though this list only contains about 1K proxys, either you wish to connect to them or block them out: they are provided for anyone.

Enjoy smiling smiley
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