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Outgoing connections to blacklisted IPs?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Outgoing connections to blacklisted IPs?
January 15, 2010 07:53PM
This isn't exactly a tech support question so I figured I'd post this here. I got a notice from my ip saying they (my ip) had been notified that I was sharing copyrighted material. This freaked me right out so I did a bunch of research, enabled encryption in utorrent and downloaded peerblock. It has worked well so far except for today I noticed I was sending pings FROM my computer TO blacklisted ips, three of which being SONY Network in Taiwan, Lyse tele (anti-p2p), and Nocus Networks (another anti-p2p organization). In short... WTF? It kicked in right after I started my torrenting program. Does anyone else encounter problems like this? Do they have some sort of spyware to let them know when I am torrenting? I am a newbie at most of this stuff so any advice would be appreciated. Like some of the other posters since seeing everything peerblock blocks I am afriad to download anything.

Thanks in advance
Re: Outgoing connections to blacklisted IPs?
January 15, 2010 08:10PM
The way bittorrent works is that your bittorrent client program (e.g. uTorrent) connects to a tracker that's advertising a certain file.  That Tracker contains a list of everyone else who's currently sharing that file.  (i.e. their IP address)  Your uTorrent then asks the Tracker who it can download from, and the Tracker gives it a list of IP addresses.  Your uTorrent then attempts to contact that IP address to start downloading from it.

If one of those IP addresses happens to be in one of the blocklists you have PeerBlock using, then PeerBlock will prevent your machine from contacting them.  This is what it looks like is happening here.

Hope that helps,

        ---  Mark  ---

P.S. Oh, and I do feel the urge to remind you to read our Does this mean my P2P downloading is completely safe now? FAQ.  If you are downloading copyrighted material, and doing so is illegal where you live, you're taking responsibility for choosing to do that.

Lead developer of PeerBlock

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Anonymous User
Re: Outgoing connections to blacklisted IPs?
January 15, 2010 08:50PM
Thanks for the quick reply. So in other words, were those ip's that Peerblock prevented me from connecting to soemthing like a trap? Also I suppose I should mention that the Nocus Networks seems to be coming through HTTP unlike the others. Does that change anything?
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