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Just a coincidence?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Just a coincidence?
January 18, 2010 02:19PM
I'm not very good with this type of stuff so I apologize if this doesn't mnake sense.

Okay I checked my email today and noticed that someone searched for my name a few days ago. It alerts me if someone searches for my name on certain sites. Anyway, it said the search was from Road Runner. I checked my peerblock history and three minutes prior to that this was on my blocklist Road Runner Commercial. Is there a way to tell if the same IP address did the search as the one who searched for the name? Also what is the deal with that company?

The source was from my computer but the only time Road Runner is ever blocked is when I have Utorrent open. I get other things blocked even with it closed and my computer just at the desktop though. A lot of different IP addresses that have to do with Symantec but I am subscribed to NIS2010 so I guess that's why. It updates even though the stuff is being blocked though.

One more thing. I installed TCP view and it goes crazy whenever Utorrent is open(which is probably normal). Most of my blocks come through my router and Utorrent. Besides the stuff which is blocked whenever I'm just at the desktop not doing a thing. I think I know what most of those are though. The thing is the source is mostly from my computer that is being blocked. Is this because Utorrent is on my computer and the blocking is happening because I have it running?

Another thing about TCP is that I can't get any of it to work except for the thing labled TCPview. The Tcpvcon doesn't work. Every single time I try it comes up then says Windows is checking for a solution but it never finds a solution.

I guess I've thrown enough random things out there for now. I'll just say that it is interesting knowing what gets blocked from your computer and all of that neat info...lol.

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Anonymous User
Re: Just a coincidence?
January 18, 2010 04:44PM
That was a level of fail as far as the time thing goes. It wasn't a few minutes earlier that Road Runner Commercial was blocked. I got the way peerblock displays the time all confuzzled...lol. The block I was looking at came during the early morning hours and the search for the name was hours later. Road Runner Commercial only appears and gets blocked when Utorrent is open though.

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Re: Just a coincidence?
January 18, 2010 07:38PM
Road Runner is a internet provider in the States....could be a peer from there who is seeding or leeching from a torrent you have open. TCP will display lots of connections when Utorrent is open depending if DHT is enabled and how many swarms ur connected to.

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