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Why are so many universities connecting?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Why are so many universities connecting?
February 08, 2010 12:09PM
It's almost as if it's the only thing that ever connects to me. I keep getting blocks for different universities. What could this be?
Anonymous User
Re: Why are so many universities connecting?
February 14, 2010 07:43PM
A lot of those universities, if you Google them, turn up to either be telecommunication research facilities or state run universities. A good portion of the telecommunication universities are located outside the United States, since its illegal for our government to spy on us they can outsource that job to other countries such as Canada, China, Twain, Korea, Russia, Britain etc to trade information on what were doing. This was actually disclosed during the Clinton Administration years ago. Just shows you the lengths that the government is going through to see just why were watching "Bleach" or what music were listening too. Hrm yes Soul Society teaches us how to overthrow the government. Pff I wish.

But in reality, just keep them blocked I've done a lot of research on the one's I've gotten, which is a lot... A lot of people get caught through not our government but other one's selling the information to them or trading it to see what their own countrymen are doing. Ah loopholes on spying on your own there lovely. Things that will get you flagged the fastest are "special interest torrents," and music, funny how they don't really care about software as much then they do about a cd, I'm sure the software companies will start lobbying soon enough for it.

Look what countries are attached to your seeds to see exactly where those telecommunications are coming from. If you Google it many times it has a website and says its an outsourced contract of information between them and the United States. Couldn't be more obvious then stating the truth.
Re: Why are so many universities connecting?
February 26, 2010 04:51AM
Don't forget that there are also "innocent bystanders" that can be on these lists too.  The Bluetack "Education" list for example is primarily (to my understanding) meant to be used by people on e.g. university networks, who want to prevent their campus network admins from monitoring their machine's activities; I believe the TBG "Primary Threats" list includes a subset of the Bluetack Education list, essentially the universities that they believe are engaging in e.g. anti-P2P activity.

The point I'm trying to make, though, is that if you're blocking one of these lists you're likely blocking a large number of college students as well.  So many of these connection attempts showing up as Blocked could be completely benign.

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