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Block List servers, ???

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Block List servers, ???
September 05, 2009 07:02PM
Recently the servers for the BISS (Bluetack Internet Security Solutions) IP Block List loader has had some problems. Some times (on daily basis) its files are dead. Not always.

So there is another Site from a BISS member that has a load server that I have had no problems ever. So I have changed the ip address in the "List Manager", just by clicking on the ip list I use and click "Edit" and changed the address to the ones from Blocklist Pro Security web site. If you would like the address to make the changes you like you can download the "Attachment" zip file I have loaded here.

I have been a Forum member on BISS for many years and donated to them also (annually) because of their services and Apps design. Their services are many members report bad IP address's and they research it and if applicable they add it to their IP list sets. As for their Apps = "Protowall, BLM (Block List Manager) and HOST's Apps", As for Protowall, the developers stopped working on it just like PeerGuardian, It is not compatible past WinXP, but BLM and HOST are still great, If you like to make your own lists merged into one.
open | download - BlueTackPro_list-data.zip (1.5 KB)
Re: Block List servers, ???
September 06, 2009 07:31AM
Thanks Larry. I've noticed the BISS list doesn't always pull down.

Another alternate site would be-> [www.iblocklist.com]

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Re: Block List servers, ???
September 07, 2009 02:50PM
Thanks for the info on the additional list-server, Larry! I've seen no problems with the iblocklist.com servers we are now using by default on fresh installations (as of recent Interim Releases), but it's always good to have additional sources in case one of them goes down for whatever reason.

Actually, that would be a good idea... Designate alternative URLs for lists, so that if, say, your primary list-server for the Bluetack Level1 list goes down we can try to update from the next server in line. I think I'll add something to our Issue Tracker so we don't forget that one for future (post-1.0) development...!

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