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Great Thanks Mark and all Dev Team Members

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Great Thanks Mark and all Dev Team Members
March 14, 2010 03:29AM
To Mark and the Develop/Test Team Members;

Thanks Guy's for your great work and finally releasing the v320 with the Time frame auto reset for the HTTP block settings.
As you probably remember I requested this add-on functionality many months ago, and finally you have it out. "THANKS GUYS" as I have stated it before I use the PeerBlock for a secondary type of fire-wall( cause there ain't no such thing as perfection), cause this raises the level of perfections on security in the internet.

Believe-it-or-not, I still build my own IP listings, and that way I never have some of the issues others mention, CPU over-runs, or excessive mem problems, cause I re-compile the lists I need from the D/L's in the "Blocklist Manager", which reduces the size of the files from 10 to 25%, mainly cause It really cleans them up.

Again, Thanks for your hard work.
Re: Great Thanks Mark and all Dev Team Members
April 02, 2010 08:21PM
Heheh, yeah, sorry it took so long!  winking smiley  Good to see you're still following along with our development.

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
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