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Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
March 30, 2010 07:06PM
Tonight I was looking at the current IP's being blocked and BayTSP appeared. I have had issues in the past with copyright notices from my ISP, when I wasn't all that bright on sharing and blocking IPs. I removed the file from eMule that I am assuming is crawled by BayTSP (it's an episode of a TV Show that previously broadcasted on the NBC network, the episode is a little over 3 years old). I am just worried about getting more copyright notices, I know their not a big deal and I cannot be sued off them, its just I am not the account holder of this internet. My question is whether BayTSP waits just to send a notice, meaning they see if the file is shared for a certain amount of time before generating a notice and such. I am careful what I download so I should be at low risk but there are some files that are being watched. How many crawls does it take before they take action is what I am wondering.

Thank you guys.
Re: BayTSP
March 31, 2010 01:53PM
PeerBlock does NOT support copyright infringement. I think you are doing copyright infringement since you received a letter from your ISP about downloading a torrent.

Please read this [www.peerblock.com]

" I am just worried about getting more copyright notices, I know their not a big deal and I cannot be sued off them, its just I am not the account holder of this internet. "

You can get sued because YOU are breaking the law. Copyright Infringment is a FELONY in the USA.
Anonymous User
Re: BayTSP
March 31, 2010 05:09PM
Okay clearly you didn't read my post. I NEVER said anything about torrents and be real here the main page says PeerBlock helps prevent infringement notices. And who the hell said PeerBlock supported piracy, YOU made that up.

Any real answers?
Re: BayTSP
April 01, 2010 01:28AM
Could you point out where it says that? It's not supposed to be there. If it is we need to remove it...

As per you initial question:

It is monitored by a tracking software (probably a ripoff of the original) who's job and main programing does nothing but log IP's if your IP stands out then you will receive a notice. If you get a list that blocks that Robot tracking software's computer of origin then the will not see you and you will go on downloading with out issue.

The Problem with your original inquiry was the use of Named Corporations (ie NBC, TV Show) ownership of content that may or may not be copyrighted. This presents a legal grey area that PeerBlock its developers and support personal would like to avoid.

As per illegal activity. You must understand that as of the age of 13 (The Internet's legal Age of Accountability)... You can be held financially responsible for any conduct that is illegal or illicit including but not limited to Downloading or Uploading of illegal Content, Transmission of Viral Code, Transmission of code that breaks or circumvents Copyright measures, ect...

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) Takes reports too. If you are caught engaging in said illegal activity you could end up in prison / with a huge fine or both. You ISP cannot suppress information regarding ongoing cases including law suits and jury trial. As Amended in (The Patriot Act.) By law if an offender commits an offence more then three times (Including up or downloading a named file) can be held for life in prison. This is known as the three strikes law and it covers a vast verity of cases in many states.

As radical as it sounds sharing illegal content even aged illegal content can end you life in a lot of ways...

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Re: BayTSP
April 01, 2010 09:24AM
While we here at PeerBlock do not condone copyright infringement, we do believe in giving people the ability to prevent unwanted people from accessing their PC - including those from the anti-P2P crowd, especially since they generally aren't too careful about who they target.  And many people don't want their Internet activity being monitored by anyone, for any purpose - they could be sharing "subversive" literature against their governments, for example . . . or just want their private communications to b ekept private.

And yes, we do understand that many of our users use PeerBlock in conjunction with anti-P2P lists, to help "protect" them while downloading copyright-infringing material when they live in a location in which doing that is illegal.  As per the link ineedalifetoday posted, even in the best of cases we are not likely going to be able to provide 100% "protection" against the minions of the RIAA/MPAA et al - the safest thing to do is of course to not download copyrighted material if it's illegal to do so where you live. 

We do receive lots (lots!) of anecdotal evidence from people who say they were receiving multiple "copyright infringement warnings" from their ISP per week (!) from their ISP prior to installing PeerBlock, and then after installing PeerBlock claim to receive either no or only one per month.  So I do believe that at least some of the lists available are at least somewhat effective at preventing these sorts of warning letters.  (And yes, my wife is a lawyer, so I'm pretty well-trained to use "wishy-washy" words at times like this...)

And I'm sure you're aware, but just to restate it for the record: many of the lists available help out with other aspects of your privacy/security.  You can block known-hacked/virus-ridden computers, those known to be sharing child porn, people sharing "fake" files via P2P, known spyware/malware sites, etc.  A few users have even reported to us that PeerBlock detected a virus infection on their machine, as it prevented that virus from "calling home" to its comand-and-control servers!

Hope that helps a bit,

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
Anonymous User
Re: BayTSP
April 02, 2010 11:11PM
Thanks for the replies guys.

--DarC - I am aware of legality of piracy and the legal area surrounding it. It was my mistake naming a corporation within my post, I should have just left that part out. For the record, I do not download anything that I do not already own on DVD. Lets face it DVD's get scratched, misplaced, etc. I like to have digital backups of the DVD's I own. I don't consider it piracy if I have already purchased the product however the law may see it differently.

--MarkSide - I understand PeerBlock is not directed at just one type of filtering system, it is useful for several. I personally like PeerBlock to keep spam bots and other unwanted activity from hitting my ports (ports are commonly used as a gateway to hacking also). PeerBlock is great program and good for anyone to have that using port forwarding within their computer.

The overall point of was post was just to ask whether I would receive another notice for a file I downloaded that I already have purchased on DVD. I don't see it fair if I already own the series on DVD and receive a copyright infringement for downloading something I already own. Like I said, I personally just like to have a digital backup of my media, unfortunately the corporations don't know who already purchased the content or who didn't.
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