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Avatars & Sigs that mean something...

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Avatars & Sigs that mean something...
June 08, 2010 11:54PM
With all the websites around now adays you are probably part of a few dozen, to a few hundred, or even a few thousand. Allot of them (like this forum) allow you to use an avatar and a signature. Some might like to use the same avatar, others might like to use different avatars. Some might like to use sigs for personal use, while someone else might prefer making a statement, or something else.

My avatar is of King David (one of the greatest kings of all time) and I use it because I think it's good and haven't found one I more prefer that means something. Also My sig as you can see is a quote from an old pres. of the united states.

Tell us a little about your avatar/sig....Why you chose it? and What it means?

Take Care

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Re: Avatars & Sigs that mean something...
June 08, 2010 11:58PM
My avatar is just a funny picture i found a long time ago. most sites i use don't allow sigs/avatar since they are more technical types

This is my Signature!
Re: Avatars & Sigs that mean something...
June 12, 2010 01:00PM
My signature doesn't exist because of the fact that there is nothing that I could say that hasn't been said.

The preexistence of a thought copied to a post point in a null phase of life; where the secretive society talked about exists with more power given in money and who has it. When they; wielding the power can deems all democratic power useless. Society must take a stand. This is a road that has been driven by at least every generation this world owes tribute to.

The problem is who is going to stop the talking and start the fighting. In war man finds true freedom, in haste man finds captivity, in waiting man finds peace, In all things with out this man finds conflict. War is our only option. A battle ground paved in blood and conflict masquerading as the wolf in sheep's clothing. Waiting for the time when one will stray; so the attack will go unnoticed.

The truth behind the lies is equal to the lies told in ancient times. There is only one truth and only one lie. The lie is the truth doesn't exist the truth is the lie does exist. Who is in the position to tell what is fact and what is fiction.
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