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Stopping IGMP Snooping and Bandwidth Throttling with PeerBlock

Posted by Anonymous User 
While staying at a hotel on a military base I found that I was unable to use torrents, bandwidth was extremely low, and when I tried to stream online media that I was getting disconnected when I was connecting to their wifi.

For some reason PeerBlock was not running on my computer at the time. When I fired it up; BLAMO!! The torrents started rolling and all of the sudden I wasn't having the bandwidth issues from before. Also, I am not getting disconnected from the hotspot. The logs started going crazy with dropped IGMP connections from the gateway (AAFES/Barracks registered networks).

I Looked up CCMP and IGMP snooping and it seems like it adds up. Any thoughts?


Edit: I dont really know about this stuff. Just trying to see if I'm on the right track.

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Re: Stopping IGMP Snooping and Bandwidth Throttling with PeerBlock
June 10, 2010 07:48AM
Hmm, it's possible!  They could have some IGMP multicast stuff going on around their network, and your machine could be processing those multicast packets even though you're not attempting to join the multicast stream.  Tough to say without being there and watching the traffic flow through, but that's entirely plausible.

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