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How can I identify a program peerblock is blocking on my computer.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Hi to everybody this is my first post here (in desperation).

Sorry if this is a dumb newby question. I searched the forum but found nothing.

When Peerblock blocks access to / from my computer it shows both the sending and receiving IP address.
How can I identify which program / process on my computer is trying to access and/or be accessed,

Presumably this can be identified from the local IP address e.g. 19x.xxx.x.x is my computer IP on the router so what is for example 19x.xxx.x.x.1037 ? 1037 being the local program calling or being called.

Obviously there must be a list somewhere on my PC of local IP allocations?
How / where can I find this info.

Like I said sorry if it is dumb but thanks to anybody who can answer.
Hi Roger,

Thanks for joining us on the forums, your question is not a dumb one at all,

The number your referring to is the port number on your PC which is being contacted, example 192.168.XXX.XXX:1234, which means it is port 1234 which is either sending or receiving your data.

Please check out this link to see a basic list of what ports are doing what. [en.wikipedia.org]

Thanks again, and please feel free to post on the forums at any time.

Thanks for the welcome and the reply Freelandr.

The obvious next question is how do I find out what process/program on my PC is trying to "call home" through that port?
(In this instance port 1037 is not on the list at [en.wikipedia.org] though I think it was a TCP process)
Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great.

I guess this is not really a PeerBlock question but it would be _very_ useful if it identified the calling out process.

Thanks again

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Re: How can I identify a program peerblock is blocking on my computer.
June 20, 2010 08:21AM
At the moment, TCPView is the closest thing you can get to look at which programs are connection to what IP and port. It only works properly if the connection isn't blocked with PeerBlock otherwise you would need to look up who uses the port on the internet.


Showing what program has been blocked is in our Google Code issue tracker. Just star the issue if you have a Google account and you get notified when work gets started on it.

Thanks night_stalker_z I see I am far from alone in wishing for this info.
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