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my knowledge is limited

Posted by brandonjm8 
my knowledge is limited
September 16, 2009 12:42PM
hi guys, wish i knew as much about computers in general as you guys do, guess im getting old, lol. anyways what im asking really has nothing to do with peerblock yet, ive recently installed it and emailed mark a few times and he called me a newbie but i am, so far so good, good work guys, i know you dont endorse the p2p part of using pb but i was just wondering cuz i dont know anybody around here whom i can ask and you guys know what you are talking about, but my question is that currently i use isohunts.com for the torrent searching, if you guys know any better sites please let me know, but ive read the posts here and alot of you mention utorrents, like i said earlier i goto isohunts.com for the torrents then i use bitcomet for the actual downloading, is utorrents better or safer than bitcomet? for me thus far bitcomet is FAST, i almost always get 1meg or higher, i can get a 1.5 g file in <30mins. just wondering what the best sites are, id prefer security over speed, any advice would be most appreciated. once again thanks all you guys making pb work and the best of luck fighting the bad guys, keep it up!

P.S. i apologize for using this forum to further my own knowledge, if i offended anyone im sorry, if its easier, and you have some advice for me, my email is brandonjm8@yahoo.com.

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Re: my knowledge is limited
September 16, 2009 06:04PM
Āµtorrent is quite fast and doesn't include all of the retarded cruft that Bitcomet dose. Its dose offer using block lists to prevent it from connecting to *Bad* computers and dose offer more customization.

The one reason I hate bitcomet is because of this article taken from a friends website..


Its not my intention to use software that does not give credit where credit is due.

As per overall effectiveness of the clients you use. They all run with they're own proprietary code so no two bittorrent clients are the same.

So all is fair in love war and file sharing use what you will use. Know this! That We as a community DO NOT IN ANY WAY CONDONE OR SUPPORT ILLEGAL FILE SHARING.

Any such liability that you bring upon your own head is your fault. There are plenty of Open Source CC ~ GNU products that can be obtained via bittorrent. I do suggest you stick to these.
Re: my knowledge is limited
September 16, 2009 11:15PM
thanks i will switch to utorrent, i too dont endorse illegal file sharing!

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