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Advantages of I-Block List over Block List Manager?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Advantages of I-Block List over Block List Manager?
July 25, 2010 09:59AM
I have been a PeerGuardian 2 user for years and have been using the Bluetack "Block List Manager" program to create my lists. I may be a little bit dense, but I don't see the advantage of getting all those separate lists from I-BlockList. Am I missing something here? I guess the biggest advantage must be the fact that there are lists on I-Blocklist that aren't included in Block List Manager. Is that the primary advantage?
Re: Advantages of I-Block List over Block List Manager?
July 28, 2010 12:57PM
PeerBlock, like PeerGuardian 2, has its own built-in "List Manager".  It will update from those lists automatically, once per day, and automatically load newly-updated lists after it detects them.  You can put in any list URL you'd like, be it from iblocklist or direct from a list-author's (such as Bluetack) site itself.  All without requiring an additional tool to be installed and running on your machine.

To be honest, I haven't used Blocklist Manager all that much.  From quickly installing and looking at the program though, I can't find any easy way to add non-Bluetack lists.  I also can't find any easy way to mark a list as an "Allow List" instead of a "Block List" - for example to use allow lists to permit easy access to Steam, or Blizzard, or whatever.  It also appears to be consuming 100 MB of memory, which seems excessive.  And even if PeerBlock is pointed towards whatever BLM-exported file you've created, that file won't be loaded until after PeerBlock is restarted.

That said, I could see someone wanting to use BLM to manage other apps' lists for them, for example uTorrent or eMule, since PeerBlock doesn't yet support export of lists to other programs.  Other than that, though, I would ask the question "Why would you want to use Blocklist Manager?" 

I know there are a few others like yourself here that use BLM to update PeerBlock's lists as well, hopefully one of them can chime in with more info and/or opinions.

        ---  Mark  ---

[Edit:]  Also, most people tend to find the iblocklist.com servers much faster and more reliable than Bluetack's ones - this in fact is why in recent Beta releases we've changed our defaults to download from iblocklist instead.

Lead developer of PeerBlock

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