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4gig log file

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
4gig log file
October 11, 2010 02:45AM
wow, been using it a month and just noticed I was running out of space on my hd.. till I found the 4gig log file!!!
trident media guard is hitting me 4 times a second.
Anonymous User
October 11, 2010 04:03AM
Pesky little buggers, aren't they?

After a while I just set it to Log None and the log window to zero lines. I run several ultrapeers
and seed a lot so the logs would have clobbered my free space daily. It saves some CPU too.
Re: 4gig log file
October 11, 2010 09:50AM
In our Beta Release, we have an option to let you cap the history.db file at a max-size - in fact, we should be auto-setting this I think too, whenever you upgrade to it.  These history files can be great to keep around for at least a few days, since (for example) if you receive an "ISP Warning Letter" about alleged copyright infringement you can hand this info off to groups like Bluetack, along with the data and time of the alleged infringement, so that they can check to see if there was a potentially unknown Anti-P2P IP address you were connecting to at the time.  But yeah, a few gigabtes worth of data might be just a little bit excessive...!

We're in the process of releasing a new Beta Release right now, hopefully soon to be followed by a new Stable Release.  That new Stable Release (PeerBlock 1.1) will include this new feature . . . so if you're not running the Beta right now hopefully it won't be too long in coming.

Sorry that our current option set doesn't help things,

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
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