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Private internet access (VPN) problem

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Private internet access (VPN) problem
July 17, 2014 01:22PM
HI, a couple of weeks ago I purchased private internet access (pia) vpn and it doesn't seem to work with peerblock. When you use the pia-client and try to connect to to the vpn server peerblock seems to think that it's "flooding attacks" and doesn't allow the pia-client to connect. Have any one had any similar experiences with vpn clients and peerblock? Can you make peerblock change it's mind about flooding attacks? And is peerblock necessary when using pia? According to their website they have an integrated advanced firewall that filters any unwanted connections.

Thanks in advance
Re: Private internet access (VPN) problem
July 17, 2014 06:38PM
PB is a IP blocking program only, meaning if it is indeed PB that is blocking it, it's because the ip's associated with it fall into one or more of your "block" lists, it will always block those ip's as long as you use those lists that block it OR simply right click and allow the blocked ip permanently if you trust it.

if its a iblocklist.com list, copy the ip, go to iblocklist.com and use their search tool to find out which list that ip resides in and see why it's being blocked or like i stated above simply allow the blocked ip.

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