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How do I add an Allow list Or teach an ol dog a new trick

Posted by Archenemy 
How do I add an Allow list Or teach an ol dog a new trick
July 20, 2018 03:07AM
I am having difficulties with my computer connecting with my Brother wifi printer. I discovered it is PB that is the problem But I can't figure which list is blocking the IP. I was told I need to find the IP of the wifi connecting with my printer in the blocked list. But I am unable to find it.

I tried disabling the blocking lists in my PB one by one but the problem still persisted. I even went as far as disabling all the Lists where no lists were blocking anything and it still wouldn't work. It only will print when I disable PB altogether.

I use PB for my P2P, uploads and downloads and I leave it running when I am just browsing and surfing, it is a great addition to my virus protection and my firewalls.

So I thought If I make a custom allow list it might allow my computer to communicate with my printer.

I am not that savvy with programs and stuff. I can locate all my IP addresses of my equipment but they don't appear in the blocked list in my PB log.

How do I build an allow list or how can I trouble shoot the problem and get it solved. I feel I should not bother others through emails to get it solved, so I am turning to the forum to see how others have dealt with this problem and learn something at the same time.
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