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Exploring Microsoft Bing’s Search Results Quality

Posted by DarC 
Exploring Microsoft Bing’s Search Results Quality
June 20, 2013 12:49AM
"Apple surprised many users worldwide when it announced that it was replacing Google with Bing for the iOS7. Many were alarmed as it is widely believed that Bing is no match for Google. However, perhaps Apple knows more than its users, and there would have to be valid reasoning behind this choice.

Some assume that Apple has made this choice just to spite Google. However, these are big businesses, and businesses hardly ever make emotional decisions. Users are left wondering about Bing’s search capability, particularly after they have spent the last 10 years working extensively in order to improve the quality of search results. Many are now beginning to check Bing’s search results."


In my opinion Google has lost its props.. In the last year they have made it a nightmare to setup natural search queries through SEO. They have changed the algorithm of the search queries so much so that I a Professional SEO designer have lost faith in their ability to stay on top.

The reason is they want paid advertising and the only way they are able to get it is through confusion of search queries. You can't rank top on something unless you pay them or redesign your SEO configurations.

Anyhow I have switched from Google Gmail because they have forced me to change my passcode about 5 times in the last month. All because I signed in at different location. I am using Outlook as my primary email now and like it much more then gmail because I have not had the issues that I have with gmail.

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Re: Exploring Microsoft Bing’s Search Results Quality
June 10, 2015 09:59AM
Google is still have more than 75% search traffic alone so i think if you want money from Internet than no option to avoid Google.
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