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Truecrypt is no more.

Posted by DarC 
Truecrypt is no more.
May 29, 2014 03:57PM

"Over the past 24 hours the website for TrueCrypt (a very widely used encryption solution) was updated with a rather unusually styled message stating that TrueCrypt is “considered harmful” and should not be used. If you have not come across TrueCrypt and why it has become so popular see the below section ‘why do people use TrueCrypt’."

This is unsettling news and may need to be investigated.

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Re: Truecrypt is no more.
June 13, 2014 01:34AM
The Truecrypt Developers (Who wish to remain anonymous) have stated that the end was recognized long before it was announced. They (the dev team) saw the end of support for XP being a place to end development because it meant the end of Operating Systems that didn't come standard with encryption means. All of todays OS's come with some form or another of encryption to encrypt disks.

These are my reasons why I will never use Bitlocker and why I recommend against a hardware that has been built with the knowledge of the powers that be. (EG TPM and TPM 2.0) Backdoors need exist!


My recommendation is to use a different type of encryption software like diskcryptor. It being open source and under GPL 3.0 it is the most secure way to encrypt your disks moving forward from truecrypt.

If anyone knows of any other software that works the same way feel free to mention it.

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Anonymous User

July 07, 2014 07:26AM
Naturally, TrueCrypt will never be completely erased from the internet.
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