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"Error contacting URL: 429" while updating lists

Posted by MarkSide 
"Error contacting URL: 429" while updating lists
December 05, 2013 06:45AM
warpomarxs Wrote:
> Looks like the iblocklist.com servers are stil having a problem since late yesterday.
> error contacting URL: 429

An "Error contacting URL: 429" means that you are attempting to update your lists more often than the once per week which you're allowed without an I-Blocklist Subscription.  Sorry for the lack of clarity there, I'll update the top post in this thread to more clearly state this.

Going forward, the next Beta Release of PeerBlock (and eventually the PeerBlock 1.2 Stable Release) will include a way to better handle this error-code, allowing you to tell PeerBlock to silently ignore future occurrences of them if you're so inclined and/or to change your list-update frequency to once per week to avoid them.

As an interim workaround, my recommendation would be to go into your Settings ("Settings 2" tab on the Beta r677, "Settings" tab then "Next" on the Stable 1.2) and set your "Auto-update every N Days" value to 7.  This will cause PeerBlock to only check for updates once per week, which should prevent you from hitting these "429" errors.

I apologize again for the confusion here.  If anyone has any additional suggestions as to how we can make this easier on people, please let us know!

Thanks for bearing with us,

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock

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"Error contacting URL: 429" while updating lists
September 27, 2013 05:58AM
Due to the huge amount of bandwidth they're providing to our users, IBlockList.com has started limiting free users to updating once per week only.  After you've hit this limit, subsequent attempts to update your lists will result in PeerBlock getting "Error contacting URL: 429" errors.  Please read this post on our main page for more details, and how you can get an IBlockList subscription to update more frequently.

We are working with IBlockList to come up with a better way for them to implement this update-limiting, such that PeerBlock doesn't receive these errors.  We hope to have this up-and-running soon.

Sorry for the confusion this is causing,

        ---  Mark  ---

[Edited to change the error-code from the old 400 to the new one, 429]

Lead developer of PeerBlock

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Re: "Error contacting URL: 429" while updating lists
December 11, 2013 07:19AM
Not sure how lists are showing up as disabled.  The best theory we have right now is that if you hit the update-limit, then reinstalled PeerBlock and deleted your lists, the iblocklist.com servers might not have been able to detect this and so are blocking your initial list-updates.  Without these initial list-updates, your fresh install of PeerBlock will be unable to block anything, since it has 0 IPs in its list-cache. 

The iblocklist.com servers have been updated to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future - if it detects that your version has changed, it should allow you to get that initial update.  Going forward, our next Beta (along with the next Stable, coming hopefully shortly thereafter) will include some additional code to tell the iblocklist.com servers that this is an initial list-update so that it can allow the update even if you'd otherwise be update-limited.

For those of you currently impacted by this, please switch versions of PeerBlock one more time - either from Beta to Stable, or vice-versa.  This should let you download your lists at least once before the week expires.

If that doesn't work for some reason, please email your IP address to the I-Blocklist team at support@iblocklist.com, and they will temporarily unblock your IP address to let you get that initial batch of lists downloaded.

Please let us know if these don't work for you - or if my understanding of your problem is incorrect - and we'll see what can be done to further fix things.

While we're continuing to work on sorting things out, I-Blocklist has temporarily excluded the P2P list from update-limit checking.  This way you will be able to at least be somewhat protected after an initial (re)install.  We definitely don't want people to be going completely unprotected!

Thanks again for bearing with us,

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
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