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Peerblock Lists have disappeared from "Check For Updates"

Posted by deiseboy 
Peerblock Lists have disappeared from "Check For Updates"
March 24, 2016 02:55PM
Hi I have a fairly large number of lists and Peerblock normally check them each day. I have a subscription with iBlocklist.

Today, all the lists are missing from "Check For Updates"and only the basic P2P list is ticked in List Manager.
The 'lists' sub-folder is still there in the program files/Peerblock folder and has 76 list files and 3 p2B files

If I select 'add' in List Manager, I can re-add those listed in the drop-down list next to the URL box but it doesn't seem to be referring to the 'lists' folder when checking for updates.

I have tried reinstalling Peerblock and keeping the settings, lists etc, but it's still the same.

Any suggestions other than re-entering each list one by one?

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Re: Peerblock Lists have disappeared from "Check For Updates"
March 24, 2016 06:56PM
For anyone else who might have this issue, it seems that it was caused by a defective peerblock.conf file.
No idea why this was the case but I have been having some battery issues with unexpected shutdowns.

I copied another peerblock.conf from a second computer and also the lists folder, then replaced them on the faulty computer.

The list immediately reappeared and updated.

I had previously tried using the peerblock.conf.bak file on the first computer but it made no difference. Perhaps I didn't use it correctly. I renamed it as peerblock.conf and replaced the original.
Anyway, it's working fine now.
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