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Peerblock blocks DropAPK download server

Posted by justinrpg 
Peerblock blocks DropAPK download server
July 23, 2017 04:41PM
I could not figure out why I could not download any APK from DropAPK. I would always get a "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at server02.dropapk.com:182."

I eventually tried to exit Peerblock, and voila! The download started immediately no problems at all.

This tells me that Peerblock is to blame for the reason why I could not download from DropAPK.

I could load the website and click through everything—up until come time to download the APK, then I would get that error message.

But as soon as I exited Peerblock, the problem was no more.

Please fix this bug.
Re: Peerblock blocks DropAPK download server
July 23, 2017 06:49PM
What PeerBlock blocks is completely dependent the lists you use. Apparently DropAPK's IP is on one or more of the lists you use. That's why PeerBlock blocked it, so I don't see a bug.

Probably the best way to keep using PeerBlock with those lists is to open the PeerBlock main window and right-click on the blocked IP. Then click on "allow permanently", if you wish PeerBlock never to block that IP again.

The PeerBlock devs, by the way, do not make the lists, so if you think it's a false positive, you might want to contact the people who did. A good place to start looking for the people who make the lists is at I-BlockList (https://www.iblocklist.com/).
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