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KNOWN ISSUES . . . plus solutions to common problems

Posted by MarkSide 
KNOWN ISSUES . . . plus solutions to common problems
November 28, 2009 07:07AM
Having problems with PeerBlock? There are a few things we'll need before we'll be able to help you out. First off, you might be able to help yourself out - many common questions are answered in our FAQ! Also, our User Guide should give you a quick intro to PeerBlock.

Known Issues

These are some of the most common issues known to exist in current versions of PeerBlock. Many other issues have already been fixed in recent Beta Releases - if you're one of the few people having problems with the PeerBlock 1.0 "Stable Release", it might be worth trying the latest Beta to see if your problem has already been resolved.

  • PeerBlock Crashes While Updating Lists - There is a bug in the third-party code we use to handle our update-checking. This is Issue #24, and is one of our highest priority issues right now. Workaround: This bug has been fixed in our Beta Release train. Installing the latest Beta Release should resolve this issue for you..

  • PeerBlock Stops Blocking Overnight - This is a recently reported problem in which PeerBlock appears to stop blocking overnight, with no warning. Workaround: This problem appears to have been resolved in our Beta Release train. Try installing the latest Beta Release to see if that resolves your problem.

  • PeerBlock Isn't Blocking Anything - Sometimes, on some users machines, PeerBlock just won't block anything. Nothing shows up in your logfile, and the ping test shows that times-out. Workaround: This post explains some things you can try to get PeerBlock to block again. We're continuing to look into this problem, and if you could provide some of the info asked for in that thread it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Insufficient Resources - A few people recently have hit PeerBlock "crashes", in which an error window pops up saying "Uncaught exception", Error Code: 1450, Message: "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service". This error is most commonly seen on low memory systems, or else machines which are experiencing handle or memory leaks from some software on it. We are working to narrow down the particular system resources that Windows about which Windows is complaining. See Issue #212 for more details.

  • Windows Crash / BSOD - This is most commonly caused by people running with Driver Verifier turned on. This tool will intentionally crash your system if it detects a driver doing anything even potentially incorrect, and is primarily meant for driver developers. Workaround: You can check your Driver Verifier settings by doing Start -> Run -> verifier.exe. Driver Verifier should either be completely disabled, or at least not be monitoring PeerBlock's pbfilter.sys driver.

If none of the above resources have answered your question or resolved your problem, in order for us to figure out what's going on we'll need you to provide the following info:

  • Logfile - Make sure you include the peerblock.log file from your PeerBlock install directory. Ideally zip this up, and then click the "Attach a file ..." link in the new-post window to upload it. By default, this file should be in the C:\Program Files\PeerBlock directory.

  • Configuration File - Please also include the peerblock.conf file from your PeerBlock install directory. This should be zipped-up along with your peerblock.log file if at all possible.

  • Dump File - If PeerBlock has crashed on you, please zip and upload the peerblock.dmp file from your PeerBlock install directory.

  • Screenshot - Especially if PeerBlock displayed an error window, please make sure you take a screenshot of the error and upload it to along with your post. To take a screenshot simultaneously press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + PrintScreen buttons on your keyboard, then open MS Paint and "paste" the screenshot into it, then save it to a file. If you can't do this, then please make sure you write down all the text from that window and include it in your post.

  • OS Dump - If you're unlucky enough to experience a Windows Crash, please zip up the .dmp file in C:\Windows\MiniDump and attach it to your post.

If you don't have a peerblock.log file then we absolutely must have the following:

  • PeerBlock Version - e.g. PeerBlock 1.0, or PeerBlock 1.0+ (r320)

  • OS Version - e.g. Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

  • Firewall/Antivirus Info - this information is not contained in peerblock.log, so please make sure you tell us as there may be a strange interaction between PeerBlock and one of these tools

The more information you provide, the better our chances of getting to the bottom of your problem. Sorry that you're experiencing problems with PeerBlock.

PeerBlock IRC Chat Room

In addition to these forums, we have an IRC channel set up: #peerblock over at freenode.net. If you're unfamiliar with it, IRC is a chat room thing, so that you can talk or ask questions about PeerBlock in real-time. Of course you may need to be patient, as even though some of us may be logged-in there we're not necessarily paying attention to the window at the exact moment you get there . . . but if you ask a question and then wait for a little while, you're likely to get an answer.

If you don't make use of IRC on a general basis, you can use the Web Interface to log in to our channel. Just click that link, enter a "nickname" to use while chatting with us, and then click Connect.

Thank you,

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock

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