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Read first before Posting in this Forum! *Sticky*

Posted by DarC 
Read first before Posting in this Forum! *Sticky*
October 29, 2010 10:24PM
This is a notice to all those who have received and a warning to those who have yet to receive copywrite infringement notices from both their ISP's and any other interested party.

First of All...
PeerBlock does NOT hide your identity from any entities that are involved with finding and prosecuting copyright infringers.

True: We do use lists that contain the IP of several such entities.
True: There is no way of getting hold of every IP used in connection with these entities.
True: We ask our users to practice safe and law-abiding use of their internet connection.

The false assumption that any firewall or IP blocking software can make you invisible needs to be stopped.

It needs to be understood that if you're connecting through your ISP they can see exactly what is going on. Unless you are using an encrypted proxy which cost money. There are a few of them out there... [btguard.com] Hosted in CA [www.privateinternetaccess.com] Hosted in the US and a few other wich I will post links to soon.

It needs to be understood that ISP's in an effort to not be sued themselves 'contrary to the civil liberties ensured by the Constitution of the United States as it was first drafted' will give over willfully all information pertaining to you and the files you've downloaded to what ever firm asks for them.

It needs to be understood that the amount of people requesting assistance for infringement notices can not be dealt with by a handful of programmers. You need A lawyer!!!

It needs to be understood that you live in a world run by the grace of power and the almighty dollar. This means if you can't afford to pay the price then you can't afford to obtain illegally any material that is leached through bittorrent, fasttrack, GNU, GNU2, or any other program that gives you access to material of questionable legality.

It needs to be understood the beginning purpose of this software is to add a layer of protection and is Not an internet condom.
If you do the deed you will have to deal with the result.

Thank You!

~MisK AKA ~DarC AKA ~A. Jesse Harper

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