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Show / hide names of ip's and default color coding

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Show / hide names of ip's and default color coding
January 21, 2012 12:00AM
Hi there, I am new to these forums and use peerblock for everyday use.

first idea...
My suggestion is that we can also have the names shown for allowed ip's. So if we have a perm allow list we can see that this is allowed because it is on the perm allow list. (because we can see names of blocked but not allowed ) <--- does not apply to ip's not on perm allow lists

second idea..
Also while viewing the logs of allowed and blocked...specifically for blocked you should be able to activate tabs (boxes filled in or blank, blank meaning hide) to show or hide certain lists. As some people may have not so threatening ip's that they get spammed heaps and others that may be more dangerous this would act as a sort of filtering.

third idea..
you should be able to disable peerblock filtering..but it should have the option to keep logging while its disabled. So the ip's that get in are still recorded even when peerblock is not filtering them

forth idea...
The default colour coding should be changed.
allowed - green
blocked -red
HTTP - yellow
background (all)- black
default range - 20

this helps easily identify blocks, HTTP and allows and should be the default of peerblock (This is the configuration I use)

edit: also is there some way peerblock could detect ddos..with sudden ip spam and large amounts of data and somehow block it? I have no idea if this is possible but it would be very useful

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