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| Country Flag | Name |

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
| Country Flag | Name |
January 21, 2014 04:28AM
Hi there, congratz for the return of PB.
Just wondering, is it possible implement Country Flag | Name | .. in columns or something, hehe.. like a tool called TcpLogView by nirsoft, it uses a file "IpToCountry.csv" to get updated. Thx in advanced
Re: | Country Flag | Name |
January 21, 2014 04:49PM
There was talk about adding flags to the main window but the developer who said he'd do it suddenly disappeared. That was years ago, though, and since that there's not been any mention of implementing the feature.

I do believe it's possible to implement - especially on Vista and later - but it's probably not very high on the agenda. If many others are interested in it, on the other hand, it might come sooner rather than later. Pure speculation, though, I can't promise anything.
Anonymous User
Re: | Country Flag | Name |
January 22, 2014 06:27AM
Hi Keefa, i didn't read those topics i guess, sorry.. but we will wait then, high agenda, well.. thats also good news, hehe.. thx.
Sorry the english, working on it (:
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