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Different versions according to use

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Different versions according to use
March 22, 2014 08:43AM
The idea is this:
There would be 4 copies or versions of PeerBlock.

The only difference would be what function is loaded in List Manager...

No 1 PB would load/check "P2P" only for PTP block...(as used now by most people)
No 2 PB would load/check "Spyware" only for internet activity,
No 3 PB would load/check "Advertising"...as an add block
No 4 Edu......same as above...
I thought of this because in P2P mode, it is too sensitive to block non threat connections...and you must make "exceptions" , so I just turn it off, but seeing how well it works, it's a waste not to use it in other modes...2/3 could be combined...

This can be done manually by un-ticking and reloading the default list...but takes time...

Anyway, just an idea...cheers
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